Teaching Things’ workshops and virtual trainings

Through our onsite or virtual professional learning workshops, each participant will be engaged in interactive and participatory learning experiences. We focus on technology integration, STEAM/PBL implementation, and pedagogy for the 21st century. Teaching Things also offers virtual professional learning sessions that are completely customizable and can be conveniently accessed by participating teachers from anywhere.

Each professional learning experience is planned and delivered by a PD Specialist. Our Professional Development team is comprised of former classroom teachers with expertise in a variety of pedagogical approaches, the latest classroom technology, and on using both to create exemplary learning experiences for students.

Teaching Things’ mentoring & coaching sessions

Through Teaching Things’ coaching & mentoring sessions, teachers and instructional support staff will plan and practice to how to improve instructional delivery in a co-teaching environment. All coaching and mentoring is developed in partnership with a school or district and seamlessly weaves in current pedagogical and technological initiatives. Teaching Things PD Specialists create coaching plans that provide each participant with personalized, hands-on learning experiences that are guaranteed to help them succeed in any 21st century classroom learning environment.

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With iBlocks, we create project-based learning activities that center on the engineering design process and inspire critical thinking, next-level creative skills, and get students learning STEAM hands-on.

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Our staff of state-certified classroom teachers will help you continue learning for the 21st century classroom with courses, micro-credentials, and more on OTIS for educators, our online PD platform.

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Transforming teaching and learning through ingenious real-world experiences that prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.