Teaching Things’ online professional development

OTIS for Educators is an online professional learning platform consisting of over 800 state-approved professional development courses in 50 categories. We also have short Skills videos to quickly brush up your digital skills, and Tech-tivities— activities with seamless technology integration, accompanying videos, and free downloadable lesson plans.

With OTIS, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use technology to its fullest potential in their schools and classrooms while also growing their pedagogical expertise. Members are provided with the opportunity to take both live and on-demand courses designed to create a personalized professional learning experience. This allows for growth in specific skill areas and PD flexible enough for any schedule.

OTIS for Educators enables fully customizable PD learning experiences. The “My Dashboard” feature allows participants to view and track courses that are upcoming, in progress, favorited, or on a playlist. Members can also view achievements like certificates and micro-credentials and hours completed. The administrative features include playlist creation, monitoring teacher progress, and tracking school or district usage analytics.

Whatever your role, wherever you are, OTIS for Educators has something to make your professional learning easier and more impactful.

Visit OTISpd.com for more information and to sign up as an individual or as a school.

Visit OTISpd.com


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